Luker Lab

Molecular Imaging of Signaling in Cancer

Drs. Gary Luker, M.D. & Kathryn Luker, Ph.D.

The Luker lab studies functions of cell signaling in primary and metastatic cancer. Our multidisciplinary group combines expertise in medicine, biology, and engineering to uncover the mechanisms by which biochemical events in the tumor microenvironment, including chemokine signaling, metabolic regulation, and extracellular matrix interactions regulate the disease progression and response to therapy.

Our lab is located within the Center for Molecular Imaging at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. As experts in the field of molecular imaging, our research takes advantage of technologies such as bioluminescence and multiphoton fluorescence imaging in living systems to visualize the impact of signaling events in real time. We are constantly developing new biological and engineering solutions for visualizing these processes. In particular, we develop methods in fluorescence lifetime imaging and multispectral bioluminescence to extend our optical imaging capabilities. Please, take a look at our recent publications and contact us for any further questions!