Research Opportunities

The Luker lab is an active, multidisciplinary, collaborative environment committed to scientific excellence. 

We strive to provide an excellent training environment for students and fellows at all levels.  

Our lab was featured in a short video highlighting our excellent STEM mentoring in 2016 by Detroit Public Television on PBS 

Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows: 

    The Luker lab has included trainees from a wide variety of programs including:


        Cancer Biology/cell biology/biochemistry 

        Biomedical engineering 

        Chemical engineering 

        Optical engineering 


        Comparative medicine/veterinary science

    We offer a multidisciplinary training environment that emphasizes collaboration and teamwork.  

    Direct inquiries to Gary Luker at  

Undergraduate Students:  

Our lab has consistently included undergraduate students from a variety of biological and engineering disciplines.   

    We are almost always looking for skilled, motivated, and team-oriented individuals to join our laboratory. 

    We have opportunities for undergraduate students who are interested in the following:

     1) Imaging studies in mice (whole animal bioluminescence and intravital microscopy) and/or working with mouse models

     2) Biochemistry and cell biology studies (western blots, cell culture, plasmid construction, bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging of cells). 

     3) Collaborative engineering projects in microfluidics

Students are expected to volunteer for the first semester as we train them into the lab.  After a successful first semester, students will be paid hourly.  

Students may also participate in our laboratory for university research credit.  

We are looking for motivated, team-oriented students who are prepared to make a long-term commitment to our laboratory.  

We especially encourage applications from students planning to spend a gap year doing research.

If you are interested in working with our lab or would like more information, please fill the application form below.