Congratulations Steve Cavnar on finishing your BME Ph.D. program!!



August 20 – Congratulations Steve Cavnar on passing your BME Ph.D. Qualifying Exam!!

August 9 – 23.5 pounds picked at Dexter Blueberry Farm

July 18 – Lab Olympics II was held. Congratulations Team Gary!

June 17 – Welcome Shashank!

June 3 – Welcome Taylor!

May 8 – Center for Systems biology featured in UMHS Headlines!


October 31 – Happy Halloween!
October 16 – Jack gave his talk entitled, “In vivo analysis of the effect of radiotherapy on breast cancer tumor by intravital microscopyintravital microscopy and bioluminescence imaging” at the Center for Molecular Imaging Seminar.
September 18 – Paramita gave her talk entitled, “Understanding the Role of SDF-1 Isoforms in Signaling and Breast Cancer Progression” at the Center for Molecular Imaging Seminar.
September 7 – Welcome MarkKailleRahulJoseph, and Stephanie!
August 8 – Congratulations Gary and Kathy!
August 2 – Congratulations to Gary and Kathy. They received an MHealthy Ergonomics Hero award for their innovative seating practices.

July 30 – The lab went blueberry picking at Dexter Blueberry Farm, totaling 28.02 pounds of fresh blueberries! 

July 25 - Congratulations to LA, EmmaKathy, and Gary, in collaboration with Vladislav Verkhusha. Their manuscript entitled, “Cell-based and In Vivo Spectral Analysis of Fluorescent Proteins for Multiphoton Microscopy” has been accepted for publication by the Journal for Biomedical Optics.

July 23-27 – Spectral Week: Red, Orange, Yellow,, Green, Blue/Violet Days
In observance of World Molecular Imaging Society’s Optical, Photoacoustic, and Intraoperative Imaging Week

July 17 – Nate and Danielle gave their talk entitled, “Systems Level Analysis of Chemokine Signalling in Breast Cancer” at the Center for Molecular Imaging Seminar.